Back from OOAK and in the studio preparing for two upcoming shows. Check out Angle MTL at and Val David's 1001 Pots at, and of course filling up the shelves in my studio for online orders!

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Always creating

Piggies getting ready for the BBQ

These are the beginnings of my piggy magnets. To make these piggies, I roll out a slab of clay, impress patterns with my homemade rolling stamps, and cut the shape with a cookie cutter. The piggies will be fired twice, with glaze colour added in the second firing. A strong magnet will be glued to the back, and there you go, you have your piggy magnet. 

Fresh off the Grill (well, out of the Kiln)

Here are the piggies just out of the glaze firing. I am so happy with them, especially the ones in red pyjamas. Take a look at all the piggies; there is a cute boy in tighty whities.

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